Gate Opening Size Versus Gate Finish Size – What’s the Difference?

The difference is the width of the gate and the distance between posts. Hoover Fence builds all chain link gates for the opening size they are designed to fit, using our typical hardware. We can build gates to spec so if you need a gate with a particular finish size, please specify upon ordering.

Gate Opening Size: The ‘opening’ size is the distance between your hinge post and latch post, measuring from inside to inside of hinge and latch post.

Gate Finish Size: The ‘finish’ size is the actual width of the gate, measuring from outside to outside of gate uprights.

Gate Finish Size Calculations = Gate Opening size minus hardware space allowance.
Hoover Fence build gates for opening sizes, unless you specify finish size. Hardware choices need specified.

Residential Chain Link Gates

Single Gates: Designed for pedestrian traffic, usually up to 6′ wide in residential materials; larger gates are made of heavier materials. Typically, standard chain link male and female hinge assemblies installed use 1-5/8″-1-7/8″ space. A standard fork latch assembly installed will use approximately 2″ and allow for space to pivot. Overall, our residential chain link walk/ single gates are 3-5/8-4″ less than the space they are made to fit. A 4′ wide gate will actually measure 44″ and change.

Double Driveway Gates: Designed for larger items such as vehicles, and lawn maintenance equipment are generally available in any side up to 12′ (2 -6′ gates). Larger gates are available, but would be made of heavier grade materials and be called commercial or industrial. Same as above, but you need to figure the hinge allowance x two since there are two gates which need hinges (1-7/8″ + 1-7/8″ = 3-3/4″). Our residential chain link drop rods, these usually need around 2-1/2 to 3″ to open, pivot, and close properly. Overall, a double residential gate will be approximately 6-7″ less than opening built to fit. A 12′ double gate will have two gate leaves measuring 69″ and change.